American Gratitude, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Southwest Kansas. Our mission is to show gratitude to America’s Combat Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they’ve made securing and protecting our freedoms.

This is achieved by providing hosted retreats which remove these Warriors from their normal setting and put them with other Warriors facing the same post-combat situations. The retreats offer a relaxing and adventurous environment to help them as they navigate integration into daily civilian life.

To accomplish this mission, American Gratitude raises funds from public and private sources through fundraising events and this website. These donations are in turn used to host each retreat at no-cost to attending veterans.

The co-founders of this organization are Brian Beavers and Byron Peirano, both long-term residents of Garden City, KS. Brian did not serve in the military, but his father Vern Beavers served as a MP in the Army at the end of the Korean Conflict. Byron is one in a lengthy line of Veterans in the Peirano family and both his step-sons are career Marines.

Brian and Byron share a compassion for showing the deepest American Gratitude to Warriors returning from our recent war-zones with physical and mental wounds. As an organization, American Gratitude strives to make their return to civilian life less stressful, if even for one weekend.